What is Hora OS

Hora OS is an operating system built to administer a network of computers through a decentralized protocol. Through the operation of nodes network that located on computers around the world, Hora OS manages computing resources into a unified network and optimizes utilization by tokenizing processing performance computers, bandwidth and storage capacity. This distributed computing network is highly scalable and able to build applications easily


Powered by UFIN

UFIN was established in October 2019 in the UK and operates mainly in 4 fields including artificial intelligence, Blockchain, cloud computing and operating systems (OS), with the goal of bringing convenience and maximum value for users and customers.

UFIN has succeeded in raising seed round capital from international investors with a capital of 21 million USD. The large capital represents the strong growth potential of this startup in the future. Currently, the company is valued at $ 100 million, belongs to the group of startups with the highest growth rate and highest valuation in the seed round.


Building Decentralized cloud infrastructure . Optimizing internet infrastructure resources such as processing capacity, throughput, and storage capacity through tokenization of resources and re-arrangement between users and resource providers


Hora OS is the core of the operating system, and the data is authenticated through the HoraChain network. Hora is the native utility token on the HoraChain network, it is used to pay transaction fees in the Hora Os ecosystem as well as for voting. In the upcoming platform, Horachain is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain, Hora holders can reap the benefits of miners on other platforms. . Hora holders protect the ecosystem by staking as a validator node. Users can trust validators by nominating their Hora to them, becoming a nominee and sharing rewards. Validators attempting to cheat the system will have their stakes cut (and those of the nominees).

Due to the nature of staking, Hora is a kind of inflation token. Each confirmed Block will spawn 10 Hora, with every 6s conventional block, there will be 31,536,000 Hora born when the network starts officially launching Mainnet. The inflation rate is estimated at approximately 0.315% per year, which is a rather low inflation figure.


Hora OS is built as the operating system of a decentralized infrastructure network. So the future will be adding many different structures. Can list a number of ecosystems expected to launch:

AdamasCloud – HoraChain – PecanChain – HoraWallet-DxSpace


Hora OS can become a breakthrough in the blockchain industry with its own concept as the operating system of the decentralized cloud computing infrastructure. In Future, Hora offers a refreshing for Decentralized eco-system.

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